Labour & Employment
At start-up and on business expansion, we help our clients to develop their people strategies and work practices to support the employers’ wider business objectives, to protect their brands and reputations and minimise business disruptions. We design employment contracts that envisage both the period business expansion and lean period. In appropriate cases we advise our clients when we believe there is need for Garden Leave or other restrictive provisions in employment contracts.
We guide and support our clients through the minefields of unionised environment to minimise disruptions to their business. We help our clients design appropriate reward strategy that results in a win-win in the work environment. We also help our clients design the employment contracts and reward benefits for employees on cross-border assignments.
We assist our clients seeking to secure the service of a foreign national in applying for Expatriate Quota Approval and ECOWAS Residence Card for those in this category.
We also help to ensure that our clients make relevant deductions from their employees’ emoluments:
  • PAYE Deduction: deductible monthly and remitted to the relevant State Inland Revenue Service;
  • Pension Contribution: Employers are under obligation to deduct 8% of its employees’ salary and remit same (together with employer’s 10% contribution) to the employee’s chosen pension fund administrator within 7 days from payment of salary.
  • National Housing Fund: 2.5% of employee’s basic salary and payable to Federal Mortgage Bank within 1 month of such deduction
  • National Health Insurance: 5% of employees’ basic salary (employers to contribute 10% of employee’s basic salary) payable to National Health Insurance Scheme. The Scheme gives all employees access to affordable health care.

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