As the mainstay of the Nigerian economy, our Firm has a strong Oil and Gas team. Each member of the team has wide ranging experience in dealing with specific issues relating to the different petroleum fiscal terms: Joint Venture, Production Sharing Contract and Sole Risk and Risk Contract Services arrangements.
We have worked with various resource owners and licence holders to draft, review and negotiate Production Sharing Contracts, Farm-In Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Joint Operating Agreements, Technical Services Agreement, Crude Oil and Gas Sale Agreements. Our deep knowledge of the industry both in terms of its regulation, financing and taxation has been deployed to helping our clients get the best deals in oil and gas transactions.
Nigeria is developing new Gas Policies with a view to maximizing the benefits accruing to Government from the increased activities in that sector. Our team of experts is well placed to take clients through these complex regulations. Not only are some of the incentives to gas development being withdrawn, the tax rate on profit gas is also being changed.
To operate in this market, oil and gas companies require advisers like us, who know this industry like the back of our hand.

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