Regulatory & Compliance Services
We guide our clients through the difficult terrain of start-up activities. We assist in the formation of corporate entities either with limited or unlimited liability.
Along the line, we assist our clients to obtain all regulatory approvals required for their business. We advise our clients on the type of work permits suitable for expatriate personnel proposing to work in Nigeria. Once a suitable work permit has been agreed, we liaise with the necessary regulatory agency to obtain the permits. We work with the expatriate employees to obtain the appropriate visa and ensure a smooth arrival in Nigeria.
Our acclaimed Doing Business in Nigeria booklet has helped many investors in understanding the Nigerian business environment. Because we are actively involved in Government efforts at creating an environment conducive for business we have first-hand information on new rules and regulations that may impact our clients’ business. Not only do we promptly alert our clients, we also proactively advise on steps to respond to those changes in business regulations.

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