This constitutes one of our core practice areas. We render services ranging from advising our clients on daily tax issues, complex transactions to representation at the Tax Appeal Tribunal and the regular courts. Our Tax Services include:

Tax Dispute Resolution

At ATL, our experienced team of lawyers have acted on behalf of Clients in resolving various tax disputes. We assist in bridging the gap between the taxpayers and the tax authorities and facilitate the building of a cordial relationship between our clients and the tax authorities.

We provide the following tax-related services:

  • meet with tax authorities during tax audits and investigations to resolve matters arising therefrom;
  • negotiate with the tax authorities to minimizing tax exposure;
  • drafting of Settlement Agreements;
  • facilitate good working relationship between our clients and the tax authorities.

Tax Litigation

Tax litigation requires in-depth knowledge of tax laws and regulations. It goes beyond just being an advocate or a good litigator. Tax practice is like medical practice and it is not any who wears white overall that can properly diagnose and treat a disease.

At ATL our team is made up of lawyers with experience in tax litigation. We represent clients both at the Tax Appeal Tribunal and the regular courts. Though we treat litigation as a last resort, we have recorded a great deal of success at the Tax Appeal Tribunal and the regular Courts in issues relating to company and personal Income Tax, PAYE tax, VAT, Pioneer Status/Income and other tax matters. We appear in both small and complex cases in all Tribunals and Courts nationwide.

It is always vital to seek early, specialist advice as, very often, the chances of success are reduced because liability is usually determined by actions taken at the inception of a transaction.

We do not take our client’s matter before the Tax Appeal Tribunals without first carefully analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the case vis-a-vis applicable statutes and judicial authorities.

Advising and Representing Clients during Tax Audit/Investigation

Tax authority investigations, audit process can be daunting and extremely stressful, with the threat of potential significant additional assessments, which can have an extremely serious effect on your business and health. At ATL our team of Attorneys and advisers bring their experience to bear on your situation and provide well-grounded expert support in your dealings with the tax authorities.

We know how the tax authorities work, and our experience and expertise enable us to take control of an investigation and drive it forwards at a pace which suits our clients. Whatever type of tax investigation, we can assist and often provide fixed fee arrangements that ensure peace of mind. It is vital to get early advice and we offer a free initial advice service that gives clear direction to your case and a full understanding of how the process will unfold.

Tax Training and Capacity Building

At ATL we have a training and capacity building outfit known as the Tax Masters. This is an academy that offers tax training to individuals and corporate organizations, tax practitioners as well as the tax authorities with a view to giving a clear understanding of applicable tax laws.

The current economic situation in Nigeria has compelled governments at all levels to seek alternative revenue sources. Tax has become the handiest and assured option to boost public revenue. This has raised business tax compliance concerns to unprecedented levels. Tax Masters seeks to assist individuals and businesses in developing technical capacity for tax compliance and strategies for avoiding excessive tax exposure.

We recently:
  • conducted capacity building and training for staff of the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service and the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service
  • organised seminar workshops for legal practitioners and accountants in key areas of tax practice
  • organised specialized in-house tax training for corporate organisations.

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